Handrail placement gets easier in AECOsim Building Designer Select Series 3

When using the ‘Handrails’ tool in Bentley Architecture V8i, you will notice that not many orientation options are avaliable at the time of placement:

 - After selecting the tool and choosing a handrail type you can place the handrail at the desired location.  The problem is that is not easy to get the handrail to be placed along the stairs… Right? 

Well, let’s see what AECOsim Building Designer new ‘Place Railing’ tool can do.

- Here is where you can access the Place Railing tool in AECOsim Building Designer:

- The Place Railing dialog box will open, providing you with the Placement Options section where Placement Method & Placement Side can be set.

- To change the railing’s Datagroup properties select the Property tab.  Note that the Family and Part can be changed by modifying the Railing Part Definition property.

- Once the selections are made place the railing by selecting either a set of stairs or existing line, whichever you choose as a placement method.

-The railing will place automatically along the stairs.  Now, that is a very smooth and intuitive process compared to the process of placing handrails in Bentley Architecture V8i!