Hevacomp Transition to OpenBuildings - FAQ

With the Hevacomp brand being synonymous with building design for decades, we are excited to announce the transition of its capabilities to OpenBuildings Designer.

Integrating the building services calculations from Hevacomp into the multidiscipline environment of OpenBuildings offers real opportunities for Bentley to be at the forefront of building performance simulation, to add new exciting features, and the ability to drive forward analysis-based design.

Currently the Design Database capabilities of Hevacomp are being developed and are available in OpenBuildings Energy Simulator.

At the same time, we would like to assure our users that Hevacomp can continue to be used during this transition.

Also, to aid the transition, any existing Hevacomp Design Database projects can easily be imported into OpenBuildings Energy Simulator, and the results will be identical.

The attached FAQ provides details in relation to licensing and pricing, and also guidance on the resources available. These include a series of introductory videos, extensive help articles on our OpenBuildings Communities Wiki page, and access to free training for SELECT users.