How can I identify some of the new Tools in the AECOsim Task Interfaces?

How can I identify some of the new Tools in my Task Interfaces?

When you first open the AECOsim Tasks, if this is a fresh install, your Task Interfaces will be displaying Panel Mode, as shown in the product HELP. However, if you are upgrading a pre-existing install, the display Mode set prior will be picked up from your Preference Files. There are changes to some of the Icons within the various Building disciplines, so until you get used to the new look of some of the Tool icons, you may want to make them more identifiable.

The default view, as delivered, is the Icon Layout Mode.

You can hover over the Icons, to allow for an identifier pop-up to appear, so as to identify their function.

But, in order to make them more easily identifiable, you could also change the display mode so as to read an identifier noun of the Tool, in List Layout Mode.

Once you are more comfortable with identifying the Tools you can switch back to the default Icon, layout, or expand to a Panel view as you desire.