How to change Label positions in AECOsim Building Designer

AECOsim Building Designer discipline (as well as Bentley Building Electrical Systems) offers the option to change a symbol’s labels position when that label’s placement falls directly over or in close proximity to other drawing elements. See the example below where a light switch’s label is positioned very close to a door.

To accomplish this task, from the Electrical Annotation task group, select the “Align Label” tool from the Labels task list.

 Start the command and select the desired symbol. To change the label position for any number of symbols, select them first with the Power Selector before starting the Align Labels command.

Make sure to select the symbol, and not the label itself. The Attribute Alignment dialog will appear. From this dialog you will have several position choices Top, Bottom, Left or Right, Select your desired Alignment position which would be most suitable then select Alignment, and the select the OK button. (See example below)

 Label position changed

Note: It is also possible to use the Micro Station Move command to manually change label positions.