Featured LEARN Courses: New Learning Series for Architects using AECOsim Building Designer

This Learning Path contains courses that teach a new user how to quickly be productive with AECOsim Building Designer to create an architectural model of a simple building and generate drawing views from that model.

  • In QuickStart for Architects Creating a New Project using AECOsim Building Designer learn how to properly setup a new project and understand structure and intelligence of a BIM model.

  • With QuickStart for Architects Modeling a Building Shell using AECOsim Building Designer see how to model interiors with walls, doors, stairs and elevators and model exterior curtain walls, windows, and roofs.

  • In the final course, QuickStart for Architects Creating Documentation using AECOsim Building Designer you will create a floor plan and section architectural drawings from a BIM model.

To take any of these courses or explore other learning opportunities from Bentley, click here (LEARNserver sign-in required).

If you've already taken courses from the QuickStart for Architects using AECOsim Building Designer Learning Path, please let us know what you thought.