Mechanical Drawing Rules in Drawing Views for AECOsim Building Designer

You can now use Mechanical Rules in AECOsim Building Designer when creating drawing views.

From the View Attributes dialog box, select the Mechanical tab under the Building pane and click the “Attach New Rule” icon to add a new rule to the view.  Similar to Drawing Extraction rules, it can be based on Building Elements, Part and Family, Criteria Set, Saved Query, Selection Set and Grouped Criteria Set.

If, for example you choose Part and Family, you would select the Part and Family of which you want to apply a rule.  Then select a rule which pertains to how you want to resymbolize the elements in the file and double click on the rule to open the Drawing Rule dialog box.  Here you can adjust whether you want Singleline or Doubleline Graphics, Symbology, Labeling, etc.  After you OK your changes, they will be applied to the view.