OBD - Creating Custom Detail Symbol


How to create Custom Detailing Section Symbol for the Section Drawings?

1. Copy the files DetailingSymbolStyles.dgnlib and DrawingSeed_Architectural.dgnlib (DrawingSeed - one file or several, you must decide what disciplines you will use with new symbols) from the location C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBuildings CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Datasets\Dataset_*YoursDataset\DgnLib. 

Paste these files to your location WorkSpace or WorkSet in folder Standard/Dgnlib. Rename the files - for instance - DetailingSymbolStyles_User.dgnlib and DrawingSeed_Architectural_User.dgnlib 

2. To avoid the duplication the DrawingSeed, it's better to rename "old" file from the DataSet. For instance DrawingSeed_Architectural.dgnlib_backup. It can help to save delivered files and return them quickly, just to rename them again as default. 

3. Open file DetailingSymbolStyles_User.dgnlib. Copy the existing model "TitleText" from the Models dialog box. 
Turn on the ACS Triad in the View Attributes.

The existing text "Name" we will use, another text we can delete. "Name" just move for awhile. This text "Name" relates with the Name of the Saved View from Create Drawing dialog box (see the point 11).

4. Create the geometry of necessary Arrows/Symbols. In my example I have two different arrows, right and left. Nearby my new Symbol I will place my saved text "Name". You can change the size of the text and also change the justification. Be sure that the direction of the Arrow will allow to show the direction of the Section's View.

Save settings, save the file and restart application.

5. Next open file DrawingSeed_Architectural_User.dgnlib and when it opens, run the tool Detailing Symbol Styles (you can open it with the search panel).

6. In the dialog box copy one existing settings "Building Section" and rename it as "Building Section User". From the Ribbon tools of dialog box choose save the changes or right click on new settings and use Activate command. 

Then select the new settings "Buildings Section User" and in the right side of the dialog box find the table for Section Callout. Select for the "Tail Wing" - "_RightSectionArrow", for "Main Wing" - "_LeftSectionArrow", and both Main/Tail Terminators set up empty.

Save the changes.

7.  In the same file open the Saved Views dialog box and find the Section template "Arch - Building Section".

Open the Properties of this Saved View. In the opened dialog box find the table "General" and change the setting for "Detailing Symbol". Use created one "Building Section User".

Save settings, save the file and close application.

8. Open WorkSet's  .cfg file and add one new configuration. 


It helps us to see new Detailing Symbols setting in our Project.

Tips: Don't forget to add comment to .cfg file to understand where your Custom configuration variables.

9. Our Custom Detail Symbol for the Section Drawing is ready. We can open existing Plan Drawing.

First step open the dialog box Detailing Symbol Styles and with right click Activate the our settings "Building Section User".

Second step open tab "Drawing Production" from the Ribbon interface and run the Section tool. Now you can select Drawing Seed "Arch - Buildings Section" and the settings for Detailing Symbol Styles will be "Building Section User".

10. Place the Section line with the new symbols, check that _RightArrow is right and the same for the left. 

11. In the Dialog box Create Drawing we can Name Saved View (First line of setting) "1" or "A" and then we will have the Section Symbols 1-1 or A-A as on the first pictures.