Online resources for AECOsim Building Designer

Bentley is pleased to provide the 'Introduction to AECOsim Building Designer core functionality' document and QuickStart videos for our AECOsim Building Designer products. You will find links to videos available on YouTube and supplemental PDFs for each chapter or video.

Architectural Videos

Conceptual Mass Modeling: Creating a new model, Negotiating the operating interface, Solid and surface modeling

Making the Mass Model Intelligent: Floor selector, Creating intelligent floors, Push pull modeling, Creating concept drawings

Adding Floor Slabs: Placing slabs, Slab penetrations, Hypermodeling with display styles

Creating a Site Model: Geo-coordinates, Importing a Google Terrain Model, Imprinting 2D line work on the Terrain Model, Referencing alternate file types

Modeling Exterior Walls: Breaking up the model, Creating walls from spaces, Modifying walls, Placing compound walls

Creating a Master Model: Creating a floor composite, Creating floor plan drawings and sheets, Navigational hypermodeling between models

Display Styles: Working with view window display styles, Solar shadows

Space Planning: Import program, Place space layout, Create thematic map

Modeling Interior Walls: Create walls from spaces, Place walls, Modify walls

Modeling Doors: Place doors, Modify doors, Door tags

Modeling Ceilings: Place grid ceilings, Place light fixture, Place diffusers

Modeling Vertical Circulation: Place stair, Stair properties, Stair constraints, Place handrail

Modeling Building Content: Place schematic casework, Place casework, Place plumbing

Clash Detection: Finding a clash, Clash resolution

Creating Construction Documents: Enlarged floor plans, Wall sections, Hypermodeling with links between models and drawings

Schedules and Quantities: Generating quantity reports, Creating a window schedule, Link to drawing

Rendering: Camera, Materials, Lighting, Environments

Structural Videos

Structural: Placing a steel column, Placing a steel beam

Mechanical Videos

Mechanical: Placing ductwork, Placing diffusers