Structural Modeler - V8i - STR Report Spreadsheet

Tool Icon Identifier 

The STR Report Spreadsheet tool searches your model and populates the spreadsheet template with material and quantity data using a predefined format.  Reports include both Structural Members and Bentley Building elements. The columns are headed by Family, Part, Section Name, and other pertinent data associated with the element. You may notice a small red triangle at the top of many of the columns. These red triangles are comments embedded in the spreadsheet and are definitions of what each column contains.

There are two distinct colors in the columns of data — white and yellow. You can edit the data in the white columns, which represents the type of data. For example, you can change a steel beam to a steel girder, or you can change the section name from W10X12 to W18X35. The data in the yellow columns cannot be edited.

Weight Values

There are two weights displaying on the report sheet. The first is in Column m and is the weight (length X unit weight). For this example, the spreadsheet takes the length of the member and multiplies it by the weight per unit length. For instance, if you have a 10–foot beam and the unit weight is 45 pounds per foot in Column n, then the weight in Column O is 450 pounds. In Column r, the weight (volume X density) is calculated. The value in Column r is almost always less than the value in Column m.

 Real time editing w/ Model Coordination

 You can add or delete members using the spreadsheet and the Update STR Model from Spreadsheet command. For example, you can copy a steel beam that exists in the spreadsheet, paste it into a blank row, and then change its X, Y, and Z coordinate points after using the “Update STR Model from Spreadsheet” command, the new member will appear in the 3D Model. If you were to delete a row from the spreadsheet and then use the “Update STR Model from Spreadsheet”command that member will be deleted in the 3D Model