The “Items” includes a new feature in AECOsim Building Designer.

As you may know, the Items tool is a very useful tool but in AECOsim you can also export elements to Excel.  This tool has been enhanced in the AECOsim Building designer with the option to export specific element(s) from the Design Model.  The Items tool can be accessed from the Primary Tools box or by choosing File > Item Browser. 

- Exporting elements to Excel:

a) To export specific elements, select the item(s) and choose ‘Show Details’

b)  Right-click on the highlighted row(s) and choose “Export to Excel” from the dropdown menu  

- The ‘Items’ tool also includes useful features:


Tree Manager > This provides options for how Items are displayed in the Items-Dialog Box.

 Refresh Active Tree > This will reset the “active” Items so that only the active or selected Item is displayed.

Details > This displays information for a specific item that’s selected in the Items Dialog Box.

 Transparent > Changes the View Display style to Transparent.

 Highlight > This identifies the element selected in the Items dialog and will highlight that element in the 3D model

 Zoom> This zooms-in on the element selected in the Items Dialog Box in the 3D Model.

Isolate > This Isolates the element selected in the Items Dialog Box in the 3D Model.

Select > Selects the element(s) in the 3D model that are highlighted in the Items dialog box.

Items Display Settings > Controls the view zoom options when selecting items in the Items dialog box.

Search > Search for items that are not easy to find in the Items dialog box, this tool can be useful when working with an extensive list of elements in the 3D model.