Using RAM Import in AECOsim Building Designer to automatically create Framing and Column Schedule Saved Views.

When Importing a RAM Structural System file (.RSS) into AECOsim Building Designer, the process allows you to automatically generate Saved Views of each floor along with Sheet Models with each Saved View attached.

To access the RAM Import command:

Note: In order for the process to automatically generate the Saved Views and Sheet Models the desired Drawing Definition Templates must be selected in the Drawing Setup tab.

Make selections accordingly before importing the RAM file into AECOsim Building Designer then click the Import button.

The Saved Views are automatically created and can be found in the Saved View dialog box which is part of the Primary Tools box:

To access the Sheet Models created during the import go to the models list:

Or choose File > Models.  Below is an example Column Report Schedule Saved View attached to a Sheet Model, as- generated by the RAM Import process: