What's new in AECOsim Building Designer SELECTseries 6? A Whole Lot, That's What!

Today in New Orleans #Bentley15 the ABD team of Paul Wagner, Dan Tanner, and Mary Chib gave an enthusiastic building audience a preview of what’s to come in the next release of AECOsim Building Designer Ss6 expected to be released within the week.

With so much to review, attendees at the LEARNing Conference will have opportunities to explore these topics in more detail at building workshops.  For other users these courses are available in the LEARNserver in the LEARNing Conference 2015 – Building Analysis and Design Learning Path.

At a high level there are additions and upgrades to these several features and tools:

A new pop-up menu that allows fast access to common view rotation commands and view styles (Ctrl-Shift-Reset)


New! Isolate Floor

  • Lets you temporarily isolate the elements contained in a floor
  • Easily customizable top and bottom offset values
  • Easily toggled on and off

Grid Systems (Phase 2)

When talking about Grid Systems, Paul acknowledged that “big changes” were made in Ss5 and so, Ss6 should be considered “phase two”.

  • Ss6 adds Sketch Grids to the Radial and Orthogonal from Ss5
  • Multiple building support for grids - takes advantage of the multiple building definitions defined within the Floor Manager
  • Enhanced grid display options – disable / active floor / active building / all buildings
  • Drawing presentation for grids – more control over annotation for grid lines / includes handles / show actual or relative elevations
  • New options for creating Grid Markings
  • Grid Label Masks
  • Grid element templates takes advantage of the multiple building definitions defined within the Floor Manager

Improved DataGroups Management and Reporting

ABD Ss6 will include improved data management and reporting that includes enhancements to our DataGroup, including:

  • DataGroup Explorer
    • Bidirectional Editing in Excel
    • In-Place Editing
    • Schedule Properties Dialog
  • DataGroup Catalog Editor

A major new feature of the DG Catalog Editor is the new Catalog Type Definition dialog, which combines several dialogs from Ss5 to allow you to manage all aspects of a catalog type from a single dialog. This same dialog is used both to modify existing Catalog Types and when creating new ones.

  • DataGroup Definition Editor

1) Schedule Properties and Excel properties are consolidated into one dialog

  • Multi-property / Multi-select formatting
  • Previously a separate dialog, now a drop-down from the menu
  • Easier to Add / Remove Catalog Types in Filters
  • New Filters dialog allows easy access to the full list of Catalog Types available
  • Can Add a new Catalog Type to one or more Filters when that Catalog Type is created

2) Data Group Filters

3) Schedule In-place Editing

You can now double-click on properties that are editable and make a change. As soon as you click out of the box, the change will be applied. You can also select multiple elements (shift-clicking them), then right-click and select “Edit” to change multiple values at once

  •  Single item (double-click) or  Multiple items (right-click)

4) Schedule Bi-directional Editing in Excel

  • Allows the current schedule to be exported to Excel, edited, and then imported back into ABD with those changes

5) Element Count       

Architectural Enhancements

1) New Place User-Defined Profile Tool to extrude a profile cell along a path and attach DataGroup information to it

2) Space Tool Enhancements

  • Easier to define ceiling height with additional edit handle
  • Easier to modify footprint via edit handles
  • Enhancements for Energy Analysis

3) There have been additions that have been made to ABD to include fire proofing contour, so that you can do proper clash detection and QTA

Structural Enhancements

  • Improved Workflow for Structural Floor Plans

Mechanical Enhancements 

1) Duct Lining Enhancements

  • Automatically increases outer duct dimensions to allow for modeling based on clear interior opening dimensions
  • Ties into Duct Sizing to accommodate insulation/lining parameters

2) Fabrication Export

  • An i-Model from ABD can now be imported by Vulcan for fabrication
  • Adds another fabrication option to complement our interoperability with CAMduct

3) AHU Builder

  • Create and Assemble custom AHU’s by using typical Modules ( Coil Sections, Blender Sections, Fan Housings, Plenums, etc.)
  • Modules can be assembled in the correct orientation and size to create a “Facsimile” of any manufacturers unit

4) Automated Duct Sizing

5) Single Line Modeling Workflow

  • As part of the duct sizing analytics a new workflow will be introduced to shorten the time spent on doing preliminary routing of the system paths.

GenerativeComponents Integration 

  • Greater integration with computational design (GenerativeComponents)
  • GC is available as a stand-alone product or as an extension of either MicroStation or AECOsim Building Designer.
  • The extension for AECOsim Building Designer can be loaded directly from the Building Designer menu
  • The ABD integration means that GC now uses the same project workspace as ABD, that includes the same seed files and dataset.
  • The GC Extension for AECOsim Building Designer includes BIM nodes.

Energy Analysis Integration with AECOsim

Update July 22, 2015. Read the AECOsim Building Designer SELECTseries 6 release announcement to learn more about this release, requirements, FAQs and other related information.