Why you should migrate to AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition

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Top 10 Reasons to migrate to AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition

1. CONNECTED Users and Projects

With the help of the CONNECTED environment, data can be easily shared between the design desktop, Bentley Cloud CONNECTION center and ProjectWise Cloud services allowing effective collaboration between people, data and projects. Each CONNECTED user gets easy access to Featured Products, Bentley Communities, User Services and Enterprise Services.

2. In Product Learning

The CONNECT Edition introduces the CONNECT Advisor – a one stop hub for personalized support and learning. Bentley Communities and Bentley Systems official YouTube channel can easily be searched.

3. Project Scalability

The CONNECT Edition allows for larger projects and more complex designs on computers with relatively low specifications. Designs can easily be published to PDF and i-models.

4. Ease of Use

The CONNECT Edition uses user-friendly Ribbon Bar mechanics that will be familiar from Microsoft Office applications.

5. New Placement Options

There are new placement options for columns, beams and walls, which can now be placed by grids, lines, or even elements.

6. Rule Based Display Styles

Styles can be applied to models and drawings based on DataGroup data. Items such as wall fire ratings or moveable or fixed furnishing can be displayed, allow with color coding for easy identification. The CONNECT Edition can be used as a BIM audit tool, allowing data to be reviewed, and missing data visualized.

7. Interoperability with Newer Versions

The CONNECT Edition incorporates more leverage exchange with new file formats, including interoperation with RFA version 2018.

8. Enlivened BIM - LumenRT Designer

The CONNECT Edition can add movement and life to your designs.

9. Simplified Installation Process

The installation process has been refined into a one stop shop. Installation preferences are available from within the installer, along with options to install companion features. Companion features can be installed later by simply re-running the installer.

10. Simplified WorkSpace Management

The CONNECT Edition allows you to easily manage custom workspaces. Network configuration can be installed as a companion feature allowing shared workspaces to be quickly defined.

AECOsim CONNECT Edition Welcome videos

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AECOsim CONNECT Edition Webinars

Live Webinars have been arranged to show the benefits of adopting the CONNECT Edition. 
Click here for scheduling and joining information on Why AECOsim? - Reasons to use it for BIM Design.
Click here for scheduling and joining information on Why not AECOsim CONNECT?

AECOsim CONNECT Edition YouTube channel

Visit and subscribe to our official AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition YouTube channel to stay updated with all the latest innovations.

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