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Getting Started with AECOsim Building Designer - Training Offer

Get started with your AECOsim Building Designer training. Are you an architect, mechanical, electrical, or structural engineer? Have you wanted to learn about all the things you can do with Bentley’s multi-discipline building design application, AECOsim Building Designer. For a limited time, all courses in October and November are complimentary. So take advantage of this offer, and start learning how you can improve your workflow and become more productive. 

Which course is right for you? Start by taking one of the 3D and BIM Essentials courses.

  • If you are/were a Revit User, don’t miss this limited time complimentary course. Learning Consultant Paul Wagner will walk you through what you need to know to model in AECOsim Building Designer, relating each tool and feature to the comparable tool and feature in Revit.

October 11-13, 10:00 am EST - 3D and BIM Essentials for Revit Users, Paul Wagner

  • If you are a New User, moving from 2D Cad to the 3D world of BIM then this is the course for you. Paul Wagner will walk you through everything you need to know to navigate the 3D environment and add intelligence to the 3D model.

October 19-21, 10:00 am EST - 3D and BIM Essentials for New Users, Paul Wagner

  • Next, in the Floors and Grids course Paul will help you get your project set up and organized with a structural grid system and floor elevations.

October 24, 10:00 am EST - Floors and Grid Systems, Paul Wagner

  • Once you have completed the 3D and BIM Essentials course and the Floors and Grid Systems course move on to one of the discipline specific QuickStarts and learn to model and create drawings for a simple building project.

October 25-27, 10:00 am EST - QuickStart for Structural Designers Using AECOsim Building Designer. Ahmed Fahmy, the instructor and a structural engineer, will help you get started with your next structural project.

November 1-3, 10:00 am EST - QuickStart for Mechanical Designers Using AECOsim Building Designer. Paul Wagner, BIM Consultant for Bentley Systems LEARN Services, will have you modeling your duct work and mechanical systems in no time.

November 8-10, 10:00 am EST - QuickStart for Architects Using AECOsim Building Designer. I will be teaching this one, and as a practicing architect for many years, I would love to show you how to use AECOsim Building Designer to model anything you can imagine.

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  • For Electrical Designer Is there any learning video available?

  • In reply to Rajesh Das:

    Hello Rajesh,

    I am in the process of updating the AECOsim Building Designer Electrical courses, including videos.

    There are three updated courses in this Learning Path that include videos:

    Fundamentals for Electrical Designers using AECOsim Building Designer

    They are: Concepts and Design File Setup, Symbol Placement and Symbol Properties and Symbol Subtypes

    There are two older courses, AECOsim Building Designer Electrical Designer and AECOsim Building Designer Electrical - Creating Design Documentation that have no videos but have a download for the workbook. The three new videos cover the first half or so of the older workbooks and are updated to SELECTseries 6 version.

    These courses utilize the Dataset_US electrical symbol library ANSI Y32.9-1972. A different symbol library, BS EN60617 / BS 1635, is used for the  Dataset_GB and Dataset_UK datasets. All the tools work the same.

    I hope to have three other updates posted by the end of 2016 and  the last two updated by the end of January 2017. So keep an eye out for those.



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