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Best way to convert Revit files or DWG files to .dgn files?

Hello all!


We're looking to convert some Revit files to Microstation and am wondering what is the best practice to go about doing that.  We tried converting straight to .dgn in Revit but when we opened up the converted sheet file in Microstation, it looked like the full size model was overlaid over the scaled down sheet. 


Does anyone have any experience working between .rfa and .dgn files?  Or I guess if anyone knows a good way to batch convert .dwg to .dgn, that might be helpful as well.  Any help would be appreciated :)

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  • I don't do anything with Revit, but have you seen:


  • We have found the best way to convert .dwg to .dgn is to open the .dwg in Microstation and then Save As a .dgn this works for 2d models but not very well for 3d models. A .bat file could be created to run this as a batch process, but I am not sure I have seen one already developed.

    As for .rfa files, if you use the same steps the model comes in as a surfaces model and loses all the solid information, at least that has been the experience from some models that we have tested (but we were not sure the models were well formed in Revit either).

    Hope this helps.


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    This all has to be done at the Revit end. Microstation (and Autocad alike) will take whatever DWG file is created from Revit. Have a look at the DWG options in Revit. There are various settings in there. Also, when converting the model in Revit, use the solids option as opposed to the polyface mesh. You'll get clean results that way.

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