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AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition Stops working when Windows 10 Spring Creators Update 1803 is installed

Windows 10 Update 1803 (Spring Creator) causes AECOsim Building Designer, MicroStation  and other CONNECT Edition products to stop working. This Windows update has impacted installation of these CONNECT Edition product on operating systems that are non-English such as German, Danish, Spanish and Italian to name a few. Bentley would recommend avoid taking this update. We are working with Microsoft to provides resolution to the Windows 10 version 1803 update notifications.

For further information regarding this issue, please reference the following wiki "MicroStation hangs on startup after Windows 10 Update (Spring Creator) has been installed"

Update: July 24, 2018 - Microsoft has released a fix for KB4340917 which should resolve the reported issue with CONNECT Edition product on non-English operating systems and it is publicly available. Users can obtain it from: