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Speedikon CONNECT Edition (v10.00.00.25)

The latest Speedikon version is OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition. Information about the latest Speedikon version can be found here. We recommend that you install and use the latest version.

Speedikon CONNECT Edition ( was the first CONNECT Edition version of Speedikon. You can download this version via Software Downloads.

Speedikon is enabling Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes for design, industrial engineering, document production and visualization. The product is available in two languages – English and German and includes six regional datasets – Neutral Metric, DIN German, British Standard, Netherlands, United States (Imperial & Metric). Speedikon is now only offered as a layered application on AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition.

Important note:
Speedikon CONNECT Edition requires AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition Update 4 ( as a prerequisite.
Please DO NOT update to OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition even if the CONNECTION Client offers this. The license you are using and which is listed in your contract is called OpenBuildings Designer, as AECOsim Building Designer has been renamed to OpenBuildings Designer in the meantime.

What´s new?

Industrial Functionality for All

speedikon CONNECT Edition is combining the full functionality of speedikon Architectural and Industrial in one product. speedikon Architectural users can now benefit from all industrial functions, including:

  • Truss builders, plate girders, steel stairs, railings, caged ladders, gratings
  • Section doors, roll-up doors, folding doors, skylights, SDNF interface
  • And many more

Ease of Use

  • Enhanced ribbon bar user interface will help you to work faster and more efficiently
  • Updated command icons giving speedikon CONNECT Edition a modern look
  • In product learning provided by Bentley CONNECT Advisor


Project Stability

  • More efficiently edit and manage larger project datasets through 64-bit software architecture
  • Data format unchanged, data fully upward compatible
  • MicroStation mode included in AECOsim Building Designer continues to give you all the capabilities of MicroStation

AECOsim Building Designer Included

  • speedikon CONNECT Edition is a layered application on top of AECOsim Building Designer
  • Starting speedikon offers you speedikon and MicroStation functionality
  • Starting AECOsim Building Designer offers you only AECOsim and MicroStation functionality
  • With the commercial release of speedikon CONNECT Edition, AECOsim Building Designer / OpenBuildings Designer has automatically been added to your SELECT Agreement and license pool based on the owned quantities of speedikon V8i products. OpenBuildings Designer has been added as non-billable, with no annual SELECT fee until the time of your company’s SELECT Agreement renewal date. 
  • For more information about licensing please look at the FAQ document.
  • Here you can find wikis on configuring AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition for speedikon CONNECT Edition

For more specific information on What's New, please reference the speedikon Update manual and Readme.

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