LEGION Simulator API CONNECT Edition, Update 1 (v10.01.01.12) - Release Update

LEGION Simulator API permits users to add pedestrian models to external applications. One existing application is the integration with traffic simulation software Aimsun Next. Before LEGION was acquired by Bentley, the API was branded as LEGION for Aimsun, and licenses were sold according to its simulation capabilities. LEGION For Aimsun Base was a free trial that permitted simulation of up to 1,000 pedestrians. LEGION for Aimsun Lite and Extra allowed the simulation of up to 5,000 and 10,000 pedestrians, respectively and were priced accordingly. Users with a full LEGION Simulator and Aimsun Next licenses could access the functionality without incurring extra additional costs.

Compatibility and Stability:
This release of the API is based on Bentley's LEGION Simulator CONNECT Edition Update 1 product.

  • Simulator input (ORA) files produced in LEGION Model Builder CONNECT Edition Update 1 are compatible with this version of the API.
  • Simulation results (RES) files produced with this version of the API are compatible with LEGION Simulator CONNECT Edition Update 1.

Licensing Changes:
Licensing and entitlement verification have migrated from Sentinel HASP to Bentley CONNECT.

To execute simulations using the API developers and users must have entitlement for both these Bentley products:

  1. LEGION Simulator;
  2. LEGION Simulator API.

CONNECTION Client must be installed on PCs, to test products built with the API.

The API's install bundle includes a CONNECT licensing DLL (bentley.entliclib.dll) and CONNECTION Client installation package (blg6410001813en.exe).

CONNECT licensing DLL and CONNECTION Client installation package must be distributed with your product to end users of applications built on this API.

Framework Prerequisites:
The API is built for Visual Studio 2017, version 15.9.13 or higher. It is not tested for Visual Studio 2019.

Visual Studio 2017 components required are:

  • Desktop development with C++ Workload;
  • Windows XP C++ support;
  • MFC v141 x64 support;
  • Windows Universal CRT SDK.

CONNECTION Client requires .NET 4.6.2. The API has no .NET dependencies.

New Features:
This release of LEGION Simulator API includes the following new features:

  • Platform/Train Interface modelling assistance (Technology Preview) via these interface classes:
    • IPlatform;
    • IPlatformDistributionProfile;
    • ITrain;
    • ITrainCarriage;
    • ITrainService;
    • ITrainServiceAsFinalDestination;
    • ITrainServiceAsOrigin;

As Platform/Train Interface is a Technology Preview there may be changes between this release and subsequent releases.