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OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition, Update 2 (v10.02.00.17)

The OpenBuildings product team is pleased to announce the availability of OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 2 (v10.02.00.17) through the Bentley CONNECT Center, Software Downloads portal, or the desktop CONNECTION Client.

This version incorporates several new productivity enhancements and user-requested fixes. It also includes updates from MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15. Please refer to the "What's New Highlights" section below for some of the product updates and enhancements.

The product is available in two languages - German and English and contains six localized data sets - German DIN, Neutral Metric, British Standard, Netherlands, USA (Imperial + Metric). The German dataset is optimized according to German DIN building standards.

A detailed description of all new features and improvements can be found in the Update Manual.

Update via the CONNECTION Client:

If you have OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 1 already installed on your computer, you can incrementally download and install OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 2 from the CONNECTION Client. This will update the Update 1 version. Sign into the CONNECTION Client to view and apply your Application updates. If needed, please refer to the CONNECTION Client help for more information on installing the update. 

Installation + Configuration:

Download - Alternatively, download the version from the Software Downloads portal. Select English as the language and click Apply. Download the OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) Update 2 product. You do not need any other prerequisite software.

PowerProduct - OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 2 is a PowerProduct and includes the complete MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 functionality (v10.15.01.028) in its installation package. Only one installer is required.

Readme and Help Files - The most important requirements and hints for installation and configuration can be found in the Readme file in the Installation and QuickInstall Guide chapters. For more information, please refer to chapters 1 - 6 of the Update Manual.

Deployment Image Installation - This release uses the latest Bentley installation technology. You can easily create a deployment image for silent installations, multiple installations, or installations without an Internet connection. You can find explanations in the help and in the communities.

Installation - If you have already installed OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 1, you can easily update this version to Update 2 by running the Update 2 installation file. This will update the previous version of the product.
You can install and use this version in parallel with Bentley speedikon Architectural v8i or Bentley speedikon Industrial v8i. If you have installed Bentley speedikon CONNECT Edition, please uninstall this build before installing OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 2.

Custom Configuration - We recommend using the custom configuration for your company workspace and Speedikon company standard. You select the directory for the custom configuration during installation.
When updating the installation, please select the custom configuration.

Company standard - If a custom configuration is selected during installation, the Speedikon folder for the Speedikon company standard is also created there and searched for by Speedikon. Copy your existing company standard there. When updating an Update 1 installation, you can simply continue to use the directories.

OpenBuildings Designer - As a Bentley Systems user with an active Speedikon license agreement, you have a license for both OpenBuildings Designer (OBD) and OpenBuildings Speedikon. This allows you to use OpenBuildings Designer at no additional cost. Simply install OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 8 from Software Downloads. Select English as the language and click ApplyYou can easily update an older installed version of OBD. OpenBuildings Designer is a standalone BIM product, which you start via the blue icon.

You will find a large number of OpenBuildings Designer basic training videos and tutorials on the LEARNserver.
More training material covering all different areas of OpenBuildings Designer is available on the LEARNserver.


SES Licensing - OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 2 uses SES licensing via the CONNECTION client. A license of OpenBuildings Speedikon (ID 2831) is required to use the product.

Further information can be found in the Speedikon FAQ and here.

What's New Highlights for OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition, Update 2 (v10.02.00.17)

Integrated MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15


OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 2 includes full MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 functionality (v10.15.01.028) in its installation package.

If you have previously used OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 1, you will benefit from all the new features and improvements included in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15.
If you have been using speedikon V8i so far, you will benefit from all the innovations included in MicroStation CONNECT Edition, which is 16 versions full of interesting new features and improvements!
Information on this can be found in the MicroStation Help. Many training videos and tutorials for MicroStation CONNECT Edition are available on the LEARNserver. Select MicroStation as product.

Project manager

Speed optimized - especially noticeable when working with projects on network drives over a VPN connection
Activate the Quick View option with the right mouse button via the context menu to navigate faster in the project management.

The quick view has been extended with the following options:
• Does not check for files in old *.d01 format
• Does not display project logo image file
• Does not calculate the project size (regardless of the setting)
• Optimizes access to project details

Project Manager Settings
With two new options, under the General tabin the Project Manager, the speed when navigating in the Project Management can be significantly increased.

Display revisions is turned off by default. No revisions are displayed in the navigation tree.
Check file version is also disabled by default. There is no version check when building the navigation tree and opening a file.

Message Please wait ...
When Speedikon is started from the desktop, the small message window Please wait ... appears as a hint. Likewise, if the project management is called from the running Speedikon, e.g. during the operation "Open file".

Wait cursor
For the following operations, which may take time, a cursor with a circular wait symbol now appears:
- when expanding an element in the navigation tree
- when pressing the Open button
- when pressing the Apply key

Import project standard
Importing the project standard ensures that every DGN element is processed correctly when merging a cell library by using a new technology. Even cell libraries with B-spline elements are imported without problems.


Customized dgnlibs with view filter level names
Custom dgnlibs with Speedikon view filter level names are implemented correctly. The level display and level names of view filter controlled levels are all correct.

Transforming Speedikon and MicroStation elements now works correctly in all constellations. This applies to the commands:
- Save file as - Transform
- Transform - Current floor plan
- Transform - Multiple floor plans

Display dialog box
Even with a Windows view setting of 125%, Speedikon dialog boxes are displayed correctly.


Floor plan view of laterally sloped walls - The floor plan view of laterally sloped walls is now always correct. Laterally sloped wall parts that lie below, on or above the horizontal section planes are displayed exactly matching.

The new calculation algorithm is applied to:
- lateral wall slopes created using polygons and graphical user-defined reference planes with a reference plane number greater than 10.
- straight and round single walls,
- straight and round compound walls
- custom walls
- tilted walls - there the functionality already existed in speedikon V8i


Correctly intersect steel beams with fire protection with graphics - When intersecting steel beams with fire protection with graphics, the 2D and 3D display is now always correct. This applies to horizontal and inclined steel beams with fire protection cladding.


Roof hatching - The display of a roof hatch via the view filter command ROOF xhatch is displayed, if there are more than 29 openings in the roof.


Wall hatching - The wall hatch in the Drawing module is always displayed correctly even with roof openings that lie directly at the roof edge and the Roof section option activated.

IFC Export

IFC export of opening macros of type wall recess creates body - IFC export of opening element macros of type wall recess now also creates body.

IFC Export outputs correct wall heights for walls with height reference 6 - IFC export outputs correct wall heights for walls with height reference above no. 6 -Adjust to roof/slab/beam even with the sweeping/clipping export option.

IFC Export wall axis of multi-shell walls - The wall axis of compound walls is now always correctly output during IFC export, even if the wall starts at the origin and the wall axis is offset.

Optimized warning and error messages during IFC export - The warning and error messages during IFC export have been optimized and reduced.

ProjectWise Integration

Permanently adapt walls and columns in different layouts to roofs, slabs, beams with ProjectWise Integration
New columns: SMD Document Id, REPO Folder Id and ProjectWise Data Source. These only appear when Speedikon is launched from the ProjectWise Explorer. By pressing the Default and Add buttons, the floor plans are correctly linked and additional information appears.

Document management with ODM integration

The ODM integration has been fully ported to 64 bit and is now also available in OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition.
With this functionality, Speedikon can be integrated into a customer-specific document management system.

Dataset Deutschland (DIN)

View filters - The line style 'OBEN' has been replaced by MicroStation line style 1 in all view filters. As a result, all elements located above the horizontal section plane will continue to be displayed correctly in accordance with DIN 1356. The line style 'OBEN' is no longer included in the DIN dataset.

New features from previous Speedikon CONNECT Edition versions

The feature enhancements from OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 1 and speedikon CONNECT Edition (v10.00.00.25) are all included. For more info, see the Update Manual and here.

Further notes

The Overview of Speedikon versions displays all Speedikon versions of the past years with information about released ProjectWise versions, platforms and operating systems.

More detailed information about all innovations can be found in the Update Manual and in the Help file.

Please also refer to the detailed German step-by-step description of the installation and configuration.

Learn more in a one-hour recorded German presentation. To watch, simply sign up here: Neuerungen OpenBuildings Speedikon Update 2.

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