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Bentley Facilities Space Planner CONNECT Edition Update 3

The Facilities Space Planner product team is pleased to announce the availability of Bentley Facilities Space Planner CONNECT Edition, Update 3 (v10.03.00.28) through the Bentley CONNECT Center, Software Downloads portal (see below). 

This release includes language and regional dataset support for three (3) languages - English, French & German.

This version incorporates several new productivity enhancements and user-requested fixes. It also includes updates from MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16.

Please also be aware, this release has been tested in accordance with the following product versions:

               MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 (v10.16.00.80)

               OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 8 (v10.08.00.44)

               ProjectWise Design Integration CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) (v10.00.03.434)


Download from the CONNECT Center > Software Downloads:

If you would like the full installation of Bentley Facilities Space Planner CONNECT Edition Update 3, please follow these steps to download it from CONNECT Center:

  • Sign in to
  • Scroll down to the ‘My Services’ section and click on the ‘Software Downloads’ tile
  • On the 'Software Downloads' page, filter the available products by the Product Line as Building Design, Brand as OpenBuildings and click on [Apply]
  • On the ‘Bentley Facilities Space Planner’ tile click on [Get Software]
  • Filter the available Version by ‘’
  • Confirm your Language, Architecture, Deliverable Type and Subscription Entitlement settings and then click on [Apply]
  • Click [Download] 

Software Downloads can also be accessed through the desktop CONNECTION Client. Open the CONNECTION Client from the system tray and click on [CONNECT Center]. Scroll down to the ‘My Services’ section and click on the [Software Downloads] tile. 

Important installation requirements and notices are found in the Readme.


What's New Highlights for Bentley Facilities Space Planner CONNECT Edition, Update 3 (v10.03.00.28) 

  1. Updated to PowerPlatform Update 16 (v10.16.00.80)
    1. Updated OpenBuildings Designer ( support/Projectwise (v10.00.03.434)/MicroStation (v10.16.00.80) default installation

  2. Update includes Import Asset & Import Space wizard
    1. Added ribbon button for these two options

  3. Defect/Enhancements addressed:
    1. Defects:
      Text size scaling issues
      Resolve space location data issues on import
      Import/Export issues (Briefcase mode)
      Document version control
      Facility Maps fixes
      Color coding
      Asset mapping
      Deployment image creation

    2. Enhancements: 
      Level control for Labels
      UniCode support of area classifications
      Attribute mapping for Import Wizard can be saved and reloaded for re-use

  1. ‘PW asset tagging’  
    1. Deprecated feature/No support/No default installation option 
      (* If still required, you must create a deployment image and install it through the delivered msi file)