Coffee Corner: OpenBuildings Designer – Discover the Power of the DataGroup System in OpenBuildings Designer

Title: Coffee Corner: OpenBuildings Designer – Discover the Power of the DataGroup System in OpenBuildings Designer
PresentersBrenden Roche, Senior Application Engineer, Building, Structural, and Plant, Bentley Systems, Inc, 
Eduardo Mendonca, Application Engineer, Facilities Engineering, Bentley Systems, and Mark Enos, Senior Applications Specialist, Bentley Systems
Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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The DataGroup System is one of two systems that encompass the information systems in OpenBuildings Designer. Working in tandem with the Family and Part System the DataGroup system controls the information associated with components in the model and in drawings.

It is the core of Information Modeling for OpenBuildings Designer and consists of sets of “data”. This system is key for data management in OpenBuildings and is used to track and schedule items. The DataGroup system assigns catalog property data to modeled components. Properties can be non-graphical data for reporting or be used to control parametric content.

In this Coffee Corner let’s discover the power of the DataGroup System in OpenBuildings Designer, talking about:

  • Element Types: Solids vs Forms (CAD Data vs Objects)
  • DataGroup Concepts and Terminologies
  • Creating a custom DataGroup Definition
  • Custom Visualization based on DataGroup Properties
  • Tips and Best Practices with the DataGroup System 

OpenBuildings Designer offers Datasets supporting many national Standards with a comprehensive Set of Properties, but in most Project's there is a need for bespoke additional Properties.

OpenBuildings Coffee Corners are open to all Bentley users, free of charge. One learning unit is applied to each participant’s Bentley Transcript for self-reporting. To view prior sessions, watch the Recordings On-Demand or visit the Learning Path.

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