Coffee Corner: OpenBuildings - Display Rules in OpenBuildings Designer Models and Drawings

TitleCoffee Corner: OpenBuildings - Display Rules in OpenBuildings Designer Models and Drawings
Presenter: Mark Enos
Date and Time: July 20, 2022 and 11:00 EST

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Display Rules are powerful feature in OpenBuildings Designer and in other Bentley MicroStation based products.  Display Rules are a set of criteria that can be applied to a Display Style to change the appearance of selected elements in any view of a design model. Display rules allow you to control the symbology, appearance, and display of building elements in Models and Drawings.  This control is based on the property of the element, view, reference, or file. 

We will explore the use of Display Rules to create color-coded display of building properties for fire rating, classifications systems, phases, and more! 

Also, Display Rules can be used to create a “screen” or “half tone” display between different building discipline Models, or even between applications such as OpenBuildings Designer and OpenPlant Modeler, in Drawings and/or Models.  

OpenBuildings Designer Update 8 introduced the ability to support Wild Cards in Display Rules in the Condition Editor Dialog.

In this Coffee Corner let’s discover the power of the Display Rules in OpenBuildings Designer, talking about:

  • Using Display Rules in Models for Data Visualization review
  • Utilizing Display Rules to enhance Presentation and Construction Drawings
  • Tips and Best Practices for creating and managing Display Styles and Display Rules

This one-hour session is open to all Bentley users! One learning unit is applied to each participant’s Bentley Transcript for self-reporting.  To view related recordings, check out the On-Demand Videos or visit the Learning Path.