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OpenBuildings products containing the Luxology rendering engine can no longer be distributed after July 31, 2022

Dear Valued Users:

Last year, we began notifying you that Luxology—the third-party rendering engine in many of our products—would be replaced by a new state-of-the-art rendering engine as our contract with Luxology’s provider was coming to an end. As of July 31, 2022, we will no longer be authorized to distribute versions of software that include Luxology to any of our users per the terms of our agreement with the third-party vendor. There are no exceptions to this policy. For further details on this change and a complete list of products impacted, please view table below.   If you don’t see your product listed and are unsure of whether it is included in this change, please contact Bentley Global Technical  Support for further assistance.  

For more information about Vue, our new rendering engine, visit the following resources: communities, YouTube and  FAQ

What this means for you? 

  • Any existing versions that are supported will remain supported (whether they contain Luxology or not). 
  • This does not prevent you from using already installed versions and images you may have taken.    
  • Bentley can no longer distribute versions that contain Luxology effective July 31, 2022.    

Which products and versions will be restricted due to the use of Luxology technology after July 31, 2022?  

NOTE: *Restriction applies to the version stated and ALL prior version

Product Name 

Download Site Name 


AECOsim Building Designer 

AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) 

OpenBuildings Designer 

OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) 

OpenBuildings Speedikon 

OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) 

OpenBuildings Station Designer 

OpenBuildings Station Designer CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) 

To see the complete list of products impacted, please click here.