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OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition, Update 4 (v10.04.00.38)

The OpenBuildings product team is pleased to announce the availability of OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 4 (v10.04.00.38) through the Bentley CONNECT Center, Software Downloads Portal, or the desktop CONNECTION Client.

This version incorporates user-requested fixes and enhancements. It also includes security fixes and all updates from MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.

The product is available in German and English and contains six localized datasets - German DIN, Neutral Metric, British Standard, Netherlands, USA (Imperial + Metric). The German dataset is optimized according to German DIN building standards.

Watch the recording of the one-hour German-language Coffee Corner on Sept. 23, 2022, about What's new in OpenBuildings Speedikon Update 4 and MicroStation Update 17.

What's New Highlights for Update 4 (v10.04.00.38)

  • Windows 11 Support
    • OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 4 supports both Windows 11 and Windows 10. You can find more information in the Readme under Installation Requirements.

  • ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Update 4 Support
    • OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 4 is compatible with ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Update 3.4 and Update 4. ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Update 4 is not yet released. You will find more information here.

  • Integrated MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17
    • OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 4 includes the full MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17 functionality except for the Technology Preview Features. More information on the new functionality in MicroStation CONNECT Edition can be found in the OpenBuildings Speedikon Help and Readme.

  • Security Improvements
    • This release also includes the latest Speedikon and MicroStation security improvements. The details will be found on our advisory page website in our Trust Center.

  • Batch calculation improvements
    • Batch calculation of section/elevations and drawings now supports WorkSpace/WorkSet settings
    • The maximum path length has been enlarged from 128 to 512 characters

  • Speed improvements when opening files
    • Compared to Speedikon Update 3, files open faster in most cases. Compared to Speedikon Update 2, the speed improvements are even greater.

  • Deprecated Features
    • Internet Explorer plug-in in Speedikon Project Manager has been removed. Internet links in the Project Manager can now be displayed externally by the standard browser, e.g., Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
    • STAAD import and export- The STAAD import and export functionalities are no longer supported.
    • The Speedikon reference of type 'Design file' is no longer supported by Speedikon on ProjectWise. Please use the MicroStation reference command instead.
    • For the project logo in the project manager, the file formats *.tif and *.wmf are no longer supported. The formats *.bmp, *.jpg, *.gif are still available.

Update via the CONNECTION Client:

If you have OpenBuildings Speedikon already installed on your computer, you can incrementally download and install OpenBuildings Speedikon, Update 4 from the CONNECTION Client. It will update any earlier version of OpenBuildings Speedikon. Sign-in to the CONNECTION Client to view and apply your application updates. If needed, please refer to the CONNECTION Client help for more information on installing the update. 

Installation + Configuration:

Please follow these steps to download OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition Update 4. If you go directly to Software-Downloads, you will be right at point 5:

  1. Sign in to
  2. At the top of the page click SUPPORT.
  3. Click Download Software and log in.
  4. On the "Software Downloads" page search for "OpenBuildings Speedikon" and select Update 4.
  5. Select the language, hit Apply, and then click Download to download the software.

Software Downloads can also be accessed through the desktop CONNECTION Client. Open the CONNECTION Client from the system tray and click CONNECT Center. Scroll down to the "My Services" section and click Software Downloads tile.

Readme and Help Files - Before you install we highly recommend reading To Install OpenBuildings Speedikon. The most important requirements and hints for installation and configuration can be found in the Readme file in the Installation and QuickInstall Guide chapter. For more information, please refer to chapters 1 - 6 of the Update Manual.

Please also refer to the detailed step-by-step description of the installation and configuration.

Bentley LumenRT Designer - The OpenBuildings Speedikon installer includes Bentley LumenRT Designer CONNECT Edition Update 14 as a companion application. You can use this product free of charge. With LumenRT Designer, you can quickly and easily create compelling visualizations.

OpenBuildings Designer - As a Bentley Systems user with an active Speedikon license agreement, you have a license for both OpenBuildings Designer and OpenBuildings Speedikon. This allows you to use OpenBuildings Designer at no additional cost. Simply install the latest OpenBuildings Designer from Software Downloads. Select your desired language and click ApplyYou can easily update an older installed version. 


SES Licensing - OpenBuildings Speedikon CONNECT Edition uses SES licensing via the CONNECTION client. A license of OpenBuildings Speedikon (ID 2831) is required to use the product. Further information can be found in the Speedikon FAQ and here.

Further notes

A detailed description of the new features and improvements can be found in the Update Manual and the Help file in chapter New and Changed in CONNECT Edition Update 4.

The OpenBuildings Speedikon released versions list provides an overview with links and information about release date, supported ProjectWise versions and operating systems, help and readme files and much more.

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