problem with cut view of solid with hole in the center

I was making a more complex model (hollow core slabs) where I noticed the problem. So I tried it in a new model with basic solids, to see if that problem also appeared. Here is the setup:

I have a simple slab solid. I attached a part to it. I also have 2 slab solids, one at the edge and one in the middle of the big one. You can see the setup with a clipping applied to it (image 1).

When subtracting the solid at the edge, it seems perfect (image 2), but when subtracting the one in the middle the solid doesn't seem solid anymore (image 3).

I also noticed when using the clip volume in other directions (plan view or parallel to side view) the section is ok, when using the parallel to front view clipping (which is the direction you see above) the problem accurs. It looks like the front view settings are ok, just the cut view settings don't seem to work?