BIM Management Workshops

I am pleased to announce that the new series of BIM Management Workshops are being released soon.

We, at the Bentley Professional Services, have been working hard during the last few months to prepare a series of world-class BIM Management Workshops.

The New Series is building on the years of Bentley`s global BIM Management Experience in a variety of Projects and Industries.

The Workshop is articulated in 3 Stages

Stage 1: BIM Coordination Workshop

The BIM Coordination Workshop covers the daily management of the BIM project Datasets and the best practice workflows for the Dynamic Views creation and administration.
The course includes the methodology for the project content maintenance and creation for the project teams. It deals with enhancing the design by adding additional detail and BIM information to the building elements. It includes hands-on exercises to teach how to bring the 3D Manufacturer Content into the project catalogues. It also covers the BIM Coordination Process using Bentley Navigator to apply the Clash Avoidance methodology, mark-ups, schedule simulation, i-models, visualization and the administration of the above.

Stage 2: BIM Management Workshop 

The BIM Management Workshop is developed by experienced BIM Consultants, to take you through an optimized BIM Process, Information Management and BIM Technology Administration.
The first part of this workshop is designed to guide BIM-enabled Teams through the adoption of UK Government BIM Level 2 requirements towards the BIM Level 3 and beyond. It will provide you with knowledge about the most advanced process automation techniques, collaborative procedures and implementation strategies worldwide.
Through the discovery of the "best practice" methodology for BIM Implementation both at the organisational level and at the project level the participants will learn how to successfully fulfil the BIM Management Role within the Company.
During the second part of this workshop the participants will learn advanced techniques about Bentley BIM Technology including AECOsim Workspace configuration, management and optimization, point clouds, i-models composition and transformation.

Stage 3: BIM Advanced Workshops On-Demand

 Bespoke sessions as required.

Our commitment is to continuously improve the Workshop based on the User`s feedback.

Please give us your feedback on the proposed content.


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