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I am new to AECOsim. After years of using of Microstation I assume that it is a natural step forward, which sooner or later we all must make. It is not easy. I installed it on my laptop. The native resolution of my desktop is 3200x1800 on a 15" screen. It is first of my problems. Some or a lot of the names of the icons, commands, symbols are hardly readable. Some of the buttons in openable menus appear over the content and are "hard" to be pressed. I have already played with preferences without success.

It probably cannot be fixed just like that but I would be grateful if anyone knows a solution for this. Changing the resolution does not help.

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SS5 747 English with dataset NM 730

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  • There are two places to affect the size of your buttons.

    One is with Windows resolution for all buttons. I have tried the Medium as I have hires monitors also and they will get bigger (my next is a 42" that is touch screen) Go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Display.
    This worked most of the time but I did find issues with Mstation not working on some tasks. You have three size options.

    Secondly you can go into Microstation - Workspace - Preferences Look and Feel and change the Tool Size and View Tool Size

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