CR: Spec Classification Workflows- Cascading Lists in Properties Panel


1. Could the NBS Classification Code (GB Dataset) Property input panel in the Modify Selected Component tool be enhanced to provide a cascading list like the ObjectClassification and IFC Overrides Properties do, please?

Spec refs will be the key contractual requirement for construction documentation, and far more important than IFC or Uniclass. It would be good to make this as easy and straightforward as possible.

2. As I understand it, simple lookup lists require the user to use/link to the enumlookups_architectural.xml file. How would you link a Property to a cascading list like the Object Classification and IFC Overrides examples? It would be good to expose this functionality to the user.

Compound Cells and other ad hoc objects would benefit as well.

3. The next question would be: How would you link or constrain or validate the choice of Properties across those different three classification systems? Ideally, when the user changes or defines the classification Property using one classification system, the Modify Selected Component tool would check for compatibility across the other two systems (Uniclass and IFC) using some kind of look up table or rules.... defined as xml? If there isn't something like this, given the way things are set up, the BIM model will sure to be defective, even with masses of manual checking... which of course no one does or really has time for.

4. And, how would this all play with the fact that ABD has historically provided the links to Specification Texts in the Component/F+P system, and not the DGS system? So, when a Spec/Uniclass/IFC Property is set, then the corresponding links in the F+P system also need to be changed as well to keep the BIM model coherent.

Maybe, the Materials Property input panel - which already has a cascading list drop down, should be extended to include some drop downs for the Component definitions? Or should be the Component Spec Text stuff be transfered to the DGS system?  Probably should keep the ability to link to text files as I can see this being handy for those Component definitions.

Given the existing tools, I suppose that you could export all the DGS info for Spec, Uniclass and IFC out to Excel and manually crosscheck and validate that the definitions are coherent or at least do not contradict the others. You could also possibly export the F+P Component texts out seprately and merge them in Excel with the DGS tables and then save back to the F+P system after you are satisfied that everything fits. I would say that this is unrealistic, clunky and error- prone workflow.. which is another way of saying it will never get done properly.