Dynamic Views & Level Overrides

Why is it that, when referencing drawing models created from saved views, it is not possible to use level overrides? It is common (typical) practice to want to adjust a couple of line weights or colours further on down the reference chain, or even in the final sheet file.

Imagine the scenario:

3D design model(s)

ref into

3D "assembly" model (composition model)


Drawing model as a separate dgn (can adjust overrides using Ref Presentation > View Flags)

ref into

2D design model (cannot adjust overrides)

and on into the sheet (cannot adjust overrides)

Part of the problem seems to be that the DV levels don't display as used in a downstream design model. Again, not sure why this is, but it's most irritating.

If this question has ever been answered, please point me in the direction of the solution.


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