Aecosim SS6 grid system template

I have a problem with the grid template when trying to copy the template from the default in element templates it does not make the file in the correct part of the tree 

I cannot then load the new template into the file from the settings in the grid template the v8 symbol is also greyed oyt in the templates dialog box which suggests something is wrong also

Very frustrating as I cannot edit any of the properties of the grid template which used to be very simple


  • Typically, throughout a project, the standards for representing a column grid are fairly consistent across the project. If we maintained grid templates to be local templates, any changes to the standard would potentially have to the propagated manually across the entire drawing set. This means opening each drawing and synching the definition from the library. This could be costly, if you realize a change is required in a set of 50,100,500,1000 drawings ... you get the picture.

    By changing the grid template to act like a centralized template and changes are readily propagated. Yes, it is a little inconvenient to locate an open the source dgnlib, but we have put in a request to our PowerPlatform team to exchange (or activate) an element template to make this a little easier. Chances are, you will settle on some reasonable defaults for grid symbology and the requirement to make repetitive changes to the grid template will no longer be necessary.

    We are confident that this is the correct behavior, base on the feedback we got in the EAP, when the template was local.

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