Door in space

So what is the best way to get schedule of doors within space name , specially common  door between two spaces ,because by using report from space planner you will get "various" for the common doors

ex :

Element ID Actual Area (Spaces) AgreementType (Spaces) Casework/CounterFinish (Spaces) Casework/FrontsFinish (Spaces) Catalog Instance (Spaces) Catalog Type (Spaces) Category (Spaces) CBI2011 (Spaces) CBI2011description (Spaces) Ceiling Height (Spaces) Ceiling/CeilingFinish (Spaces) Ceiling/CeilingMaterial (Spaces) CeilingCovering (Spaces) Classification | MasterFormat (Spaces) Classification | NATSPEC (Spaces) Classification | NTE (Spaces) Classification | OmniClass (Spaces) Classification | Uniclass (Spaces) Classification | UniFormat (Spaces) CommencementDate (Spaces) ConcealedCeiling (Spaces) ConcealedFlooring (Spaces) ConditionCommencement (Spaces) ConditionTermination (Spaces) Connection Points (Spaces) Discipline (Spaces) DisplayLabel (Spaces) Duration (Spaces) Electrical/Lighting (Spaces) Electrical/Receptacles (Spaces) Electrical/Voice-Data (Spaces) Element ID (Spaces) Energy Analysis | Space Category (Spaces) Energy Analysis | SpaceType (Spaces) Family (Spaces)
89442 **Varies**                                     Administration Space                                     3001                                                                                                             1/1/2013 FALSE FALSE                         <SNAP_POINTS />             Space - Administration                                                 **Varies** Interior             Spaces                                                             0 **Varies**