AECOsim: policy of program updates


Since we use AECOsim, we are reporting defects and enhancements of AEOCsim by the Service Request. When we do the service request, we can select the version of AECOsim that we have installed. Well, we've found that there are more updated version of AECOsim that own official download version. I added an image that explains it clearly.

As shown in the picture, the official version of AECOsim is not the latest version, and not even on the web tant "MySELECT CD" no updates for download AECOsim (I do not speak of the datasets). From where you can download the latest version of AECOsim?

In our office we are concerned about policy of software updates of AECOsim. For example, in AECOsim SS5, there hasn't been any official update for all customers of Bentley in a year.

For version of AECOsim SS6, how long customers have to wait to have updates to fix defects detected by all customers?

Please, someone should explain to customers how are the policies of software updates, and the planning of the software updates for ALL the clients.

Best regards,

Xavier C.A.