HVAC VRV (VRF) 3D Models as catalouge iteams

I have recentley been asked by our HVAC guys to add some of our local VRV units into a catalouge so that when they are modeling they can simply select the 3D model and insert it into the model.

Now im not to sure what AECOsim calls a VRV unit, as i see that AECOsim provides the following:

- AHU (Air Handeling Unit)
- Cooling Towers
- Closed Control Units
- Radiator Pannels

which of those is a Variable refrigerant flow unit??

I have tried adding it to the AHU datagroup catalouge but its defenitions arnt realy in line with what i see in our catalouges for example: an AHU requires a certain amount of duct connections where a VRV unit has no duct connections so i forced to have a these "duct connections" in a cell that does not require duct connections, the benefit of having these VRV units in the AHU catalouge is that they are counted in the datagroup explorer which is what the HVAC quys are really after.

My current method is what i may proceed with but i was wondering if anyone here has added VRV units to their catalouges and how they did it and under which tool they stored it under.

PS: im an architectural draughtsman so my knowledge of HVAC termanology is limited.  

  • Do the VRVs need to be parametric?   If not, the simplest solution may be to create a Compound Cell representing the 3D geometry + 2D drawing symbol, for use in the Mechanical "Place User Defined" tool.  This is the same basic setup as the existing toilet and plumbing fixtures.  The help file includes information on creating new DataGroup catalog types under the topic "Establish DataGroup System Catalogs - Tutorial". 

    There is also the option of importing an Revit RFA file using the RFA Interpreter (under Building Designer > DataGroup - Building Components).  If you can find an appropriate VRF in that format, the tool allows you to map the imported cell to an applicable DataGroup catalog during the translation process.  

    Lastly, while the AHU Builder in Ss6 does still require at least one HVAC connection, you can also defined multiple plumbing connections as well.  This is something I just threw together - keep in mind that like you I am not a Mechanical engineer either.    :)

  • Now with the ability of the RFA interpreter intergraded into AECOsim Building Designer (SS6), if you know what the piece of equipment is called in the HVAC industry, or if that piece is available, you can go to that particular manufactures web site and see if an RGFA is available to you and import it into ABD.