Working units: set to meters

Could you tell us wich file do we have to modify to work with meter as master unit:

- the working file

- Floormaster.dgnlib

- seed files

-and what else ? ( datasets ? other dgnlibs ? Cell library, .... ?)



  • ChC,

    The product Datasets are available and can be downloaded with either Imperial or Metric units.  

    As for any files on which you may be currently working, the Working Units can be changed under the Settings pull-down menu by selecting Design File.  Please keep in mind, this action will scale all existing elements which are already in your drawing.

    See the attached .jpg files.


  • Thank you for this but i know how to change the working unit.
    The question in not metric/imperial. It is switching from mm:mm to m:mm

    For example, the problem is if you create a new drawing, set working unit to m:mm , your grids won't work -> X and Y will be correct but Z coordinates will be X 1000 (mm interpreted as meter). So you will have to change the working unit in the FloorManager.Dgnlib.
    (there were a previous post on this subject)

    My questions was: how many and wich files will i have to modify to work in m:mm ?

    I hope this i clear, sorry english is not my native language.

  • If you are working primarily in mm leave (or change) the working units in all files in mm.

    To show the floor heights in m set the working units in Drawing models containing Elevations or Section to m.

    The working units are display settings that can be changed interactively as needed, I recommend having the Drawing scale window open and docked: Settings menu > Drawing Scale. To save screen space, right-click on it and turn off sub-unit (not usually needed for metric projects) and ACS Scale (usually not frequently used).

    Generally the same working units and resolution are applied to all files in a project, but if there are variations V8i applications understand the real size of the drawn elements and will resolve any working unit variations.

    Elements are only scaled if the resolution settings (available via the advanced button) are changed. generally the resolution settings do not need to be changed, we recommend using the ABD default resolution of 1000/mm as set in the supplied seed files.

    It would be worth setting the working units to m in the Drawing seeds used by elevation and sections.

    Which dataset are you using?

    Have you, or are you considering adding, a set of Company Dataset folders to store company specific resources suchj as any modified Drawing seeds?



  • Thank you Marc for those answers.
    By the way I read all you very instructive posts "looking under the bonnet" and i recommand this reading.

    My goal is to work in meters ( large scale projects ), where mm become very unconfortable and i am using French and GB Datasets.
    I set up a Company Dataset (following you method - see my question about \\computer\share\ syntax ) but i wonder how many dgn or dgnlib i will have to modify . I was surprised by this grid problem when i switched from mm to m and i don't want to face such problems when deploying all the company standards and datasets.

  • I can see that a list of recommendations about which dgnlibs and seed files need considering would be useful, leave that with me for the moment. The information exists but in a number of locations, a concise summary with links could be appropriate, I need to check what we have available already.

    This LEARN Server link: should take you to the page that includes: Advanced Workflows for BIM Managers of AECOsim Building Designer Learning Path > Customizing Dynamic Views to Optimize Drawing Production, this covers

     Creating a project standard text style.
     Creating a project standard DataGroup Annotation tag.
     Creating a project standard display style.
     Creating a project standard drawing title.
     Creating an intelligent title block border file and sheet seed.
     Creating a project standard Drawing Seed using the project standards.

    The techniques can be slightly adapted to use the Company folders rather than project folders.



  • Also ABD SS6 Update 1 French is available for download from today.



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