ABD SS6 - Rendering software questions

Hi everyone

Maybe this thread is very complicated or controversial. I have some questions about rendering:

- We'd like to know what is happening with SketchUp. We can only import or use very, very previous versions of SketchUp

- On the other hand nowadays visualitzations rendering are very important. Sometimes you need basic renders and sometines, the most, you need realistic renderings. We recognize Bentley has made a great step with Luxology and Modo but we think there are still some shortcomings. Everything you can find in internet and everything the companys give us to improve or complete our BIM model in order to get renderings are 3DMax or 3DS models. This is great because you can use them. We can import, more or less, the geometry of these elements into ABD but all these models come with real V-Ray materials - textures/colors/etc - approved by the company/owner and we lose them everytime we import. It is a waste of time trying to emulate them. Is there any plan to solve this? Any converter from v-ray to ms/modo material?

Lots of thanks


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