Using GC to place AECOsim object with corret ratation??

hej ppl,

I am still quite new to Aecosim with GC extension.

I tried to use GC to place some structural memebers in a grid net generated by GC.

it works fine with horizontal items using ByPoint method, from point A to B. (which means working fine when I am placing a beam)

but its not really working as I wanted if the structural member needs to be place as a column. especially if it needs to be rotated accroding to module net.

please take a look at the attached picture, the dashed red lines are girds, and the column needs to be placed at the intersection, cross section roated correctly along the grids..... but I have checked all the options, I cant use anything like set direction or define coordinatesystem to rotate the cross section. the only way is type in an angel in roatation input..... that is not really what I want....

can anyone give me some hint??

thanks a lot