Create step in wall

Really basic function required to create a step(or a reveal/recess) in a wall in a single step. I've been muddling around this issue for 10 years nearly

Currently, I have to insert at least 2 if not more vertex's into a wall, then manipulate each section to eventually create a stepped wall line. If this is a datagroup compound wall, then inserting the vertexes/adding to form, breaks the datagroup info(any new sections do not maintain the definition or report correctly). If there is an associated space, it does not recognise the new sections of wall so I lose the link with that also. 

All I should have to do is select the tool, mark where the reveal(or step starts and finishes, and then pull out the section required. ABD should automatically fill in the returns with the same type of wall, with any spaces or other elements that are associated with hat element maintaining their association

Please tell me that ABD connect is adding some of these basic but essential functions to datagroup tools??