freeze reference DGN

Hi All,


                I have an problem to freeze the reference.  I am working in project wise environment when I am going to create a new version of DGN files at that time attached reference DGN are not freeze with old version DGN.Means if any one update the reference DGN so the attached reference DGN will update in old version as well in new version of DGN. Is it possible to freeze the reference without merging the drawings or when we are creating a new version at that time all attach references DGN will create new version automatically.



  • This sounds like it may be a question for the person/team in charge of organising your ProjectWise workflow, version management in ProjectWise is generally site/project driven.



  • When you design you should only reference in issued/shared models.  These are locked. Only Work In Progress files can change. 
    Of course you can't stop people bypassing work flow, changing state back to WIP editing and then re-sharing/issuing a model.

    There is supposed to be a work flow rule  PW_REFS_APPROVED = TRUE that doesn't allow a drawing to be moved forward until all references are are Shared or above.
    But the above CAD ech workaround negates that rule.  :-(

    Anyone know of a batch process or powershell? report to list DRAWINGS with Missing REF attachments?
    (When a MOD reference  model is at put back to WIP it goes 'Missing' as its not readable)