Create Curved Stair

I am evaluating Aecosim for my office and have hit a snag..

I can't find a way to create a curved stair....

ie; stair that follows a gently curving wall...

Question: Can Aecosim model a curved stair??? 


  • Don
    Simple answer is yes
    Try typing in spiral staircase in Help > AECOSim Building Designer Help and search for Spiral Stairs. The help topic shows what parameters spiral staircases can be placed by.
    The Stair Maker can also be accessed directly by keyin tfdialog stairs then change the configuration to the spiral staircase icon and then alter the parameters to suit and then place
    Hope that helps


    currently using OBD

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  • Thanks, but I think the simple answer is "kind of"
    Looks like I have to make the landing from "scratch" the railing tool doesn't recognize the stair cell unless there's another hidden tool somewhere. attaching a guardrail to a curved stair is a nightmare.

    It's surprising that Aecosim doesn't have this resolved. It's not a common design element but it's not that rare to have a curved stair.
  • The Stair Maker tool is an archaic MS tool which regurgitates a largely unusable ossified solid that isn't compatible with any AECOsim tools, its DataGroup folly or any of its automatic annotation features. Bentley have hidden this relic away I should add - its only accessible via the Keyin.

    The only viable option then is the AECOsim stair tool...which cant do spiral stairs. The simple answer is no.

  • Thank you Tom, I had already come to that conclusion myself...
    Well BENTLEY, why do you not have a curved stair generator in AECOsim??
    I can do this in REVIT in 10 minutes...
    I want to recommend AECOsim to my firm because I like a lot of things it does but it's really an issue when you're building a model and you run into something that CAN'T be done....
    I know I can build the stair from scratch but that isn't the point really...

    Now I wander what will be the next thing it CAN'T do??
    Just had to vent...

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  • Be careful, questions like that will open Pandora's box! To avoid stoking a potentially explosive subject, I would suggest:

    1. If you are mainly producing all of your information in 2D, and create 3D models primarily for visualisation and concept development, look no further than Microstation

    2. If you are working on BIM projects from Level 1 or above and efficiency, relevance and competitiveness are high on your agenda (not forgetting the ability to create BIM-ready curved stairs) look no further than Revit or ArchiCad