Bridge beams and concrete deck


Here in Australia we would like to use AECOsim to model bridges (for it's building information data properties):

- Precast concrete bridge girders

- Cast in situ concrete deck slabs

Currently we model a bridge in 3D using general Microstation 3D tools. Mesh from Contours, thicken mesh, cut solids by curves, extrude etc.

All this is based off varying geometry of road surface string lines, cambered/hog manufactured girders. It is a very manual process and alot of items depend on a set of limitations of design, curves of road etc.

Attached are some examples of cross sections of a bridge, which most geometry is variable (apart from concrete precast girder depth)


Can these items be modeled by AECOsim tools, that hold BIM information - not just regular solids/smart solids with element properties?

Thank you and regards,

Nick Peers

Melbourne AU


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