Is there a DWG or DXF printer driver for Microstation?

I just tried to export a view window with a dynamic section of a building into a DWG file. I went about with a fence and then tried to export as a DWG file carefully getting all references merged into one. What I got was a floor plan fragment with only the elements visible from my section view. Useless.

So I tried printing my view. That worked out. I now have a PDF file of my section which I am going to convert into DWG using an old version of Adobe Illustrator that I still happen to have. Needless to point out, that there will be some drawbacks on accuracy and coordinates.

I remember that there is a DWG-Printer driver for Nemetschek Allplan and a DXB-Printer for AutoCAD. Where is the Microstation DWG-Printer?

Oh, the version in question here is Microstation V8i (SELECTseries 4) using Speedikon M Industrial (Ss5).