Template from an empty workspace in AECOSIM Building Designer Connect Edition

Hello, I'm trying to start using AECOSIM with the neutral metric dataset but I cant understand how ridiculous is the initial process.

First of all, we need to download the NM dataset from the installer. This content ends in the route ~ Configuration \ WorkSpaces \ AECOsimExamples \ worksets and following the logical path, I realized that this new workset contains the Neutral Metric standard that I need to use here in South America.
then, if I need to create a new project folder (workspace), it is EMPTY !, there is not a single option to use the template folder mentioned before as a basis for my new project.

then, creating the workset, all empty again. you have to manually copy the template folder to your new location, create a empty workset, rename the workset, and start a new dgn wherever the path guides you.

I think that bentley needs to redesign this entire process, and find a new way to:

download datasets or templates worspaces from a different location, not linked to the installer. It has not sense!

Reuse the template dataset folder as the thing is, to TEMPLATE. there have to be an option inside AECOSIM, that allows us to select what structure to use and that the application will copy automaticly.

Allows users to CHANGE LOCATIONS from the workspace folders, after that the project starts.

You really have to make the software more user friendly.