EC Schemas: a Strategic MicroStation Technology?

I'm attempting to find digestible information about EC Schemas.  I'd like to help a friend who is a worldwide BIM manager for a well-known engineering company.  Can I find anything on the Bentley Systems website?  Nada, nothing, nic w ogóle, niente di niente, nichts, rien du tout.

By 'digestible' I mean resources that use everyday English to describe EC Schemas, what they are used for and their strategic potential.  As a developer of software for MicroStation, I've been aware for many years of EC Schemas and the technology's potential in Bentley Systems' base platform.  However, as a strategic technology there's nothing on offer for the man-in-the-street wanting to know more.  How do I convince someone that MicroStation and its vertical apps. are a good path to take towards BIM and data exchange?  How do I counter arguments along the lines of 'Revit already does that'?  Where can someone find examples of core technology EC Schemas emerging in vertical apps. such as AECOSim?