BIP - IFC pset


I wonder how to define this properties:

GUID, Locked, Description, Layer and Element ID

to be included in a separate pset in the IFC export?

Example from my IFC_Mapping_overrides.set:

"Length" : "IfcPositiveLengthMeasure" = StructuralQuantities/@Length
# "ObjectID" : "IfcIdentifier" = ObjectProperties/@Element ID                           ObjectProperties should be = ________??

"BSAB-E" : "IfcLabel" = ObjectClassification/@BSAB
"Comment" : "IfcLabel" = ObjectIdentity/@Notes
# "TypeDescription" : "IfcLabel" = ObjectGeneral/@Description                       ObjectGeneral should be = ________??
# "IfcGUID" : "IfcLabel" = ObjecProperites/@GUID                                          ObjectProperties should be = ________?? 
"TypeID" : "IfcLabel" = ObjectIdentity/@Mark
# "Locked" : "IfcBoolean" = ObjectExtended/@Locked                                    ObjectExtended should be = ________??
"FireRating" : "IfcLabel" = ObjectFireResistance/@Rating

Cannot find this properties listed in the definition editor and when I look in the actual model there is listed as above (marked with yellow). Example:


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    Yes, but how do I define it in my IFC_Mapping_overrides.set?
    Example: ObjectProperties doesn’t work for Element ID but when you open the properties for an object in the 3D-dgn file it is…
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    RE: BIP - IFC pset


    The GUID is a dataGroup property generated by the application, we have recently enhanced IFC Export GUID stability so the GUIDs are consistent across versions when the same elements are re-exported. 

    Layer (DGN Level?), Element ID, [Element] Description and Locked are all DGN element properties generated by the application.

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