CONNECT U3: bug in the printing? - priority seems to be ignored

Since I moved from U2 to U3, I noticed this problem.

I noticed priority seems to be ignored when printing, I have a sheet with a drawing containing colored shapes. They cover each other, and I used priority to define the order.

When printing, this seems to be ignored, while before the update, the print of the same sheet was OK. Nothing changed to the file. When I check 'rasterized' the print is OK. 

See example below:

1. not rasterized:

2. rasterized:

I noticed the same with the axes from the automated grid level, you can see the difference in the preview window between rasterized checked or not:

1. Rasterized:

2. Not rasterized:

All other settings remain the same, all I did was checking 'Rasterized'.

EDIT: I just started a new drawing and created a brown (priority 0) and blue (priority -400) square. It seems the priority is ignored when not using rasterized, but the order in which they were created is used?

I just checked with the keyin "wset drop" and "wset add", this seems to work to make the brown one get on top without rasterizing. If I'm correctly these commands work on the element ID, which is more or less the order in which they were created. So it seems the program ignores the priority...

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