drawing extraction using AecoSim

We are still using drawing extraction with AECoSim. We received vendor equipment that after conversion to Microstation and as part of a reference group will never process the drawing. If we create the graphics using primitives within AecoSim or OpenPlant the extractions ran fine. But anytime I added a model that contains converted graphics from a third party (i.e, credo, ACAD) the files never extract. has anyone dealt with this before?

I also created a new imodel to compress the graphics significantly and then added it to the Extraction Reference group. Even though the graphics show fine in Aecosim the extraction processed the view ignoring the imodel.

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  • Hey Gabriel, you're not alone with still using extractions so don't stress. Another thing worth playing with are your Preference settings. It's not always best practice to set things to high*100 etc. Drop the Accuracy down and even turn off Curve hiding and Safe mode for surfaces. Happy to have a look at the file as well if you like. Thanks,