How to use Unification Glue in AECOSIM Connect Edition?

Hi Guys,

Can somebody show me the step by step procedure how to use the unification.

I try to find tutorial in the learn server but it seems there is not specific topic on it.

I have tried also but I could not successfully get the proper result.

Thanks in advanced.

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  • Please see help topics:

    Home > Drawing Composition > Dynamic View Unification Glue > Unification Glue Settings and Variables

    Home > Drawing Composition > Dynamic View Unification Glue > Turn Unification [I think that should read Toggle Unification!]

    Unification Glue is used when the Unify box is ticked in DV reference presentation (normally set by your Drawing Seeds)

    When working with clip volumes or other Dynamic Views in your 3D model AECOsim > Drawing Production > Settings > Unification Toggles glue in the active file (but does not affect Saved Views)

    To demonstrate place two sections of wall so they are parallel and touching. Create a clip volume that intersects with them, then toggle Unification.



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