Where is it "Edge Display " in mesh utilities of ABD CE update 3?

Hello, I can't find the tool "Edge Display" in mesh utilities of ABD CE update 3

In the help Ribbon: Modeling>Mesh>Mesh Utiliies, but it does not exist.

I remember that it was there in the update 1 or 2

How can I activate this tool in ABD CE update 3?



ABD CE update 3

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  • Hi Joaquin,

    That is a good question....   

    The tool was first introduced as a Technology Preview in MicroStation Update 4, and if you saw it in ABD Update 2 that would correspond to MicroStation Update 7.    However, I see no indication that it was removed in MS Update 8  which equates to our current ABD Update 3.  I don't have MS Update 8 to test that theory, but I see that it is available in MS Update 9 as a Technology Preview.   Are you able to use that as an interim solution?

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