Where is it "Edge Display " in mesh utilities of ABD CE update 3?

Hello, I can't find the tool "Edge Display" in mesh utilities of ABD CE update 3

In the help Ribbon: Modeling>Mesh>Mesh Utiliies, but it does not exist.

I remember that it was there in the update 1 or 2

How can I activate this tool in ABD CE update 3?



ABD CE update 3

  • Hi Joaquin,

    That is a good question....   

    The tool was first introduced as a Technology Preview in MicroStation Update 4, and if you saw it in ABD Update 2 that would correspond to MicroStation Update 7.    However, I see no indication that it was removed in MS Update 8  which equates to our current ABD Update 3.  I don't have MS Update 8 to test that theory, but I see that it is available in MS Update 9 as a Technology Preview.   Are you able to use that as an interim solution?

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  • Now I don't need this tool.

    Actually, it will be used quite a lot when working with content that is imported thru IFC, RFA, DWG, SKP etc (ie most BIM components).

    If things have settled down at platform level, the next step should be getting this to an option in the Cell making process.

    BIM is heavily reliant on using 'pre-pakaged' components, which unfortunately come in in mesh / facetted form. It would be good to have thave these components display properly.