Trial 3 - Join vs Unite vs ???

A common complaint we have had as users is that there are too many tools that do similar things and there is no obvious rule as to which to use. The advantage we have had previously is that we have had Structural specific tools in the structural toolset. Now w have them all dumped under Modify and we are back in the same situation. 

Went to look for Unite Member and couldn't find it. Unite Solids jumped out and if you use it you corrupt the element. No warning.

Join Element (not members?????) was next and works. Only reason I noticed is that I have member lines turned on and if you use Unite Solid, the member line of one of the members disappears.

Can we either move the tools into the correct group or name them differently. Alternatively, some error boxes would be a big help. Don't let Unite Solid select a member. We have had similar alerts with cutting tools in the past.

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